Wednesday, 30 November 2011

November is not Leaving Happily

So, things were going great, if a little crazy, this month but have been crashing some as it comes to a close.
I got my week's vacation and was able to spend the bulk of it with my hubby, though it barely felt like 2 days compared to the actual 6 that it was. I had kept my word count for my NaNovel up so I should've had more than enough time to catch up over the three days I had off after hubby went home...Except one problem. 2hours after hubby left for his 6hr drive home, I ended up having a friend take me into the ER. Massive stomach pains, vomiting, other sorts of fun stuff....Oh it was a joy. After bloodwork and being hooked up to an IV for nearly 5hrs they told me it must just be something I ate or a stomach virus that was going around and sent me home....I slept on and off for nearly two days. Pains and vomiting subsided with the lovely mixture of pain meds and Gravol they had in me but the digestive system itself is still coming back around so to speak. I haven't eaten much of anything and am not testing the theory to wildly at the moment. Lots of water though....Though I'm still bloated like a bloody balloon bout halfway through the way.
Through all this, I somehow managed to pull myself up last night and wrote like 8,250 words and managed to make my 50k for NaNo a little before midnight last night, so technically a day early! Today I slept in til damn near 1pm and then took the entire afternoon to ever so slowly set up my reptiles new tanks. How I managed to sit through a 2hr car ride there and back to get them Monday morning (barely 7hrs after leaving the hospital) I don't know, but they're up...The room is a mess and I still have a lot to do and still just want to go to bed for the next week (hence why I get to oh-so-happily call in sick tomorrow and possibly Friday grrr), but I'm taking my time so I don't just end up feeling even worse in the end. I just hope there's over time available this weekend so I can make up for some of it since I'm suppose to be saving for an apartment soonish....gah!

Friday, 4 November 2011

November is Nuts!

So, if anyone remembers from last year, I'm doing NaNoWriMo again this month. So, my extra time is spent pumping out as many words as my brain can create for me. I've gotten just a tiny bit over 15k and it's only day four! I'm super happy about this, as 15,000 is the minimum goal for day 9 so this gives me a lot of room for the next couple days to not have as much time to write since I'm hoping to pick up a massive amount of OT at work.

I'm also driving myself crazy, but that's a whole other story for a more private blog. A lot of emotional stress and missing hubby and stupid thoughts and dreams messing with my head...and I'll leave it at that.

Wanted to post something quick as I reached my goal for end of the day and am relaxing for a little while before bed. Hope you all had a wonderful Samhain and have a more enjoyable weekend than I do! lol

Oh, if you're looking to read the very very raw version of the novel, head on over to my tumblr. I post it chapter by chapter as I go and haven't been able to find a layout that reverses the order oldest first for posting. I have some fun gifs up as well as I was procrastinating between word count goals LOL
After Death