Tuesday, 4 October 2011


So, I've been taking baby steps into finding myself again. I am going to work on the 52 Days of Pagan Journaling project and catch up, but am not setting myself dates to complete...Just go with the flow of when I find myself wanting to paint. I tried working on an over-due project last night and got a quarter of the way through the page I was working on and just set it aside. I wasn't motivated in a creative mood and felt like I was forcing myself to do it. Can't have it feeling like work!
The other thing I am trying to get back into, though, is meditating. I was doing a simple basics class online and have decided to start back over on week one of it and go through it again as I never actually made it through the entire "course". I would like to be able to meditate on a regular basis and already know one of my favourite meditation visions that I'll post up here at the end. I just have a lot of trouble blocking out noise and interrupting thoughts, so am wanting to go through the class atmosphere for it. Might try and find a good book for it as well, suggestions greatly appreciated, when I stop in at the one occult store this weekend. Won't have much extra to spend, but want to get a few items for a simple Samhain ritual to do after work...since I work that day....grr LOL

That aside, I'm slowly preparing for NaNoWriMo this year (National Novel Writing Month for those who don't know the acronym well) and am thinking the little Faerie story I had been working on last year would be the perfect candidate for this year's NaNo since I only ever got a couple pages done in it and wanted to re-write it anyway. I am determined to make it to the 50k mark this year though! Last year I almost got to 30k before I had a huge block on the genre I was writing. This year, it being purely Fantasy and Faerie based should make it much more fun and free to write for me.
I am also trying to work on a comic. It's zombie apocalypse based, called After Death. I don't have a full story line for it, so have been trying to work on it more thoroughly while I decide which drawing style I want to be doing it in. I kind of want to do it all chibi form, but found this simplistic and semi-dark style I enjoy too, just been having trouble with using it for all character types. I haven't had much patience for drawing lately, so don't want to get frustrated with the project, so just sticking with the behind the scenes info for now.

Anywhoo, I want to try and keep this blog updated on a regular basis as well. I've missed communicating with you all. I'v missed having other people out there that follow even a fraction of the beliefs I do. My ex-rommate and I have started talking a little bit again over facebook, but I don't trust her or plan on hanging out with her any time soon again, so it's nice having somewhere to come where me talking about rituals and Faeries and things won't get me judged or put away LOL
So yea, here's the meditation I was talking about. I love it.

This meditation provides a form of grounding. 
Light a candle in your meditation space. Breathe in for seven, hold for four, breathe out for seven. Repeat this pattern for a few minutes. Concentrate on your breathing.
Imagine that you are sitting in a forest glade with your back against a tree. Dappled light shines down on you through fresh green leaves. You can smell the scent of moss and pine, and feel the gentle rub of bark against your back.
Slowly allow yourself to become more absorbed into the tree. Feel your back become as one with the bark and fibre of the trunk until you can sense the tree's energy flowing through your body.
Concentrate now on the light pouring down from the sun, through the leaves, the twigs, the branches, and the trunk of the tree. Feel the sun's energy flowing through you as well. For a few moments allow the light to create a sense of well being and vitality as it seeps into your core.
When you are ready, let this energy pas through you, back into the tree, from where you can feel it working it's way downwards; down through the main roots, down to the dark rick soil.
Slowly and gradually become aware of your breathing. Breathe in for seven, hold for four, breathe out for seven. Repeat this pattern for a few minutes.
Come to normal consciousness feeling refreshed and calm. Record your feelings and impressions. 

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