Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Pagan Pub Moot

Had a really fun time tonight. Got to chit chat with the owners of the occult shop here along with a few other that come to the moots regularily. Had a couple drinks and some sweet potato fries LOL Also got a ride home from the shop owner haha They live very close by to me, even more close to where I work funnily enough so instead of me waiting 40min for a bus, they drove me home...Right to the door, and she wouldn't pull away until I was inside LOL I wanted to shout back 'thanks mom' hehe

It's such an awe feeling to finally have a large community of other Pagans/Wiccans and to be able to correspond with them at any given time really, online or in person this way. I really hope they get some other events together and I can attend. I am still angry I missed Pagan Pride by a week before I knew there even was a public community! LOL

There is a lot I want to study and look into now though. I'm eclectic, very eclectic, but have only studied a couple different writings (Cunningham mostly, some Buckland, and some randoms) and am not the type to fall into a strict 'type', but with they way they talked it's like I'm going to, or nearly like I have to....I fell in love with Wicca, as a big part, because it wasn't a strict religion basis like Christianity, etc.....that if you didn't follow something to the letter, you were going to Hell (not that I believe in Heaven or Hell, but using it as a base comparison). I did find out why they don't like Corellion though, and they have valid reasons to feel that way but just told me to be careful mainly. It was still a discussion though on specific paths...Gardinarian (which seemed frowned upon too), Alexandrian, etc. which I don't understand...I know there are several groups out there in the world who follows these old specifics, but I don't....I like the ability to pick and choose certain things...In my opinion, all of Wiccan and Pagan beliefs stem from one thing "Do No Harm, and Do What Ye Will" and that's pretty much the only strict rule in it all...There is the 13 "laws" or whatever you want to call them, but they fall under for every "type" or "path" I thought...I thought it was mainly ritual type, God and Goddess worshipped, and minor details that separated these different groups....I like being able to modify other's rituals for my liking, or substituting another herb with the same qualities when desired without breaking some sort of a rule like it sounds like I am....It's confusing.

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