Saturday, 8 October 2011

Weak for Willow

Well, I began my day this morning by hopping on the bus to go do some shopping. I stopped downtown first to browse one of the occult shops before heading all the way across town to get groceries and other heavy stuff. I grabbed Cunningham's Book of Shadows - One day I will own each and every one of his published works! - and then oogled over some Faerie figurines and wands. There were several for only $30 - $60, hand carved and very pretty. I knew I would be tight on budget since I had a total of 3 sick days off this pay check so didn't want to buy before getting everything else and sorting things out.
So, I bought my book and bid farewell to the wands and very lovely ladies that own the shop and said I'd probably be back in the afternoon. I bussed across town and spent about 2hrs getting some clothes, little things, and groceries and of course a large chunk of that being spent on the bus itself. So, I get back downtown...and I go for it. I went back into the shop - groceires laoded into my backpack and large re-usable shopping bag...and VERY heavy I might add....and I buy it. I love it.

Hand carved Willow wood and I simply adore it. Now, I know wands are better created yourself but I've tried before and I'm not a wood person...oddly enough being that is my last name LOL Either way, it's the best priced hand carved wand I've seen and it was meant for me. When I came back in the owner said I was lucky since her sister was coming to pick up the wands she had in store to sell in her own store in Salem and she was surprised she hadn't come for them yet as she had been suppose to come around lunch time, and it was now close to 3PM when I made it back there. My wand waited for me :)

I also have some exciting news. I will be able to attend the monthly Pub Moots they have here. The owners of the shop are also the ones who run the local Pagan events and things. I was - and still am - upset I work the day they're doing a big feast dinner for Samhain and will have to try and find something small to do for the da itself since I work until 9:30 or 10PM...but I am so happy that I can make it to these moots at least and be a part of an actual local Pagan thing for the first time in my life! I can't wait and the pub they meet at is right down town so I can bus over and they end about 30min before the last bus goes back over so I can catch it home!


  1. That's a beautiful looking wand. I know *everyone* says it's best to make your own but not everyone is a wood crafter and you'd be mad to pass up such a piece of art. Stunning!

  2. Very beautiful! Willow is such a gorgeous wood!

  3. Oh and Cunningham is one of my favorite authors. I wish he was still with us because I would have loved to hear him speak at a class or seminar!