Sunday, 2 October 2011

Picture Update!

Well, figured day two on the new blog should invite some photos. Let you all know how things have been going, and also give a glimpse of the temporary mini altar set up I did up after/during some cleaning and major organization in my room today.

So, first here is my leopard gecko Yoshi. He's 7yrs old, cranky, but cute. He's had a shedding problem since I got him a couple months ago and so here's a cute pic of him in his "sauna" the vet tolf me to test out to get his to shed easier.

He enjoys it, so that's the main part for me, even after he's fully shedded and has nor more issues, I'll probably keep it in there and consider making a bigger one when I upgrade his tank. Here's a basic one of him from earlier to show him a bit better.

I love the way they always look like they're smiling hehe I want to get another one, though not until Yoshi here passes away, as he's never had a tank mate his whole 7yrs from what I understand and I'd hate to cause him stress. Anywhoo, onto my next new reptile. My bearded dragon, Irwin.

He was my roommates, new roomate. She had him and a female from the same clutch as a breeding pair but they fought a lot in the same tank and she felt bad not being able to give them both the same attention. We talked for a while and we are going to try and breed them, but Irwin is mine and will go with me when I move out. He's half German Giant an already three times the size of his sister LOL He's cranky sometimes, but really loves to be held and to run around a safe-proofed room. I can't wait to get him a large terrarium with levels to climb. He has such personality and makes me laugh all the time, especially with his sleeping positions:



So, for a quick update, my rattie boys are doing wonderfully. My Siamese boys Smeagol and Hoggle have gotten so huge! They aren't cuddly bums like Trouble but run to greet me at the cage doors and will tolerate being picked up and petted. Trouble is still a massive sucky boy, and nearing his 2yr mark, next month. I don't know his exact birth date, but it is November sometime. He's on meds, Baytril, for an upper respiratory infection and it's doing well. I don't even want to fathom when he won't be with us anymore. On a softer note though, Lyndsy (runs the rescue I adopted Trouble from and we talk ALL the time) has a little boy there waiting for me to come and get him, along with another one possibly depending how adoptions go and when I'm able to make the 2hr drive/ride. He's a cutie, no name yet though lol Here's a pic of my current three boys for those who don't know or forget:

Yes, that is butterflies and Skelanimals in their cage heehee I ordered a liner set and hammock from an awesome woman on the Rat Shack forum. I HAD to have these patterns, no matter how girly XD Cannot wait to order another set too! I plan on getting a littler box set up (they can be poop litter trained and these boys should be easy) and another level within the next month, should be exciting!

So, animals aside, things have been insanely busy as I said yesterday. I did; however, go through a TON of organization and cleaning today and managed to make room on my little corner table to make an altar! I'm super excited about that, though need a few candle holders before I can do much, but I have my Faeries out again which makes me feel so much more at ease and fun and relaxed. I swear, I was meant to be a Faerie. LOL 
Anywhoo, altar:

It's sooo much smaller than I want permanently, but I have to deal for now. Something is better than nothing. Also, once I get my art table/desk I plan on putting some of the Faeries and things onto a shelf in a permanent set up with a little offering for the Faeries, and then using this more for small rituals and celebrations. I am soo mad I'm working Hallowe'en and can't make it to the local feast event, but definitely want to do something myself.

So, one last photos I suppose. One of myself. Not something I post often, but I have finally been able to have fun with my hair again and want to show it off. I need to get purple too though lol

I've gained a lot of weight with all that's been happening but have started a new diet this month and plan to get it worked off again. I need to grab another box of bleach for my bangs though LOL and definitely want purple. Purple was my first initial choice as I've done pink before and a lot of people do pink nowadays, but they were sold out of the Manic Panic purple when I bought it, so next time!

So, yea...that's the big updates and things in my life right now. I pulled out my 52 Weeks book and have decided to write down the like 20 weeks I'm missing and keep up to date with them, but to just do them in my own time, no schedule. Try and get one done a week, but not necessary. I want to work on it, I enjoyed it, but don't want to make it a "chore" in such words since I am trying to ease myself back into some of my extra things I miss doing. I don't want to jump onto a bunch of projects and overwhelm myself.

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